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June 30, 2011
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When Mika awoke it was to the sound of two gibbering female voices. Where was she? Waking up slowly she tried to observe her surroundings. Elevating herself with her arms she moved into a sitting position, giving her a better view. She was lying on a vintage-look leather sofa and was in some sort of old building. She couldn't see any windows, so she guessed that she must be in a basement. Sitting fully upright on the sofa now she was able to take in more detail. Around her in a small cluster were other vintage-look, black leather sofas. A few coffee tables (some with slightly misshapen legs) were situated amongst the sofas. This area was lit with standing candles standing in holders on the tables. This little sitting area was in one corner of a much larger room.

It was like both a ball room and a bar at the same time. There were a few of these sitting areas in the corners with a much larger space in the centre. While around the edges of the room the floor was plain stone in the middle it was hardwood. Candles were the illumination of choice for this room, a small chandelier hung above the central floor while candle sticks stood around the edges. All the candles and old-style furniture gave the room a bit of contemporary-gothic atmosphere. Adding to this even more was the music playing quietly through the wall-mounted speakers. Some form of dark alternative.

It wasn't until she'd finished inspecting her location that Mika noticed the other people in the room. Some were sitting on the old sofas while a few were skipping in place on the central floor space. Not too many of them, about 20-odd she reckoned. The most noticeable feature of them was how they were all dressed the same. Both the boys and the girls. With black hair and mostly black outfits. Usually jeans and shirts, but a few variations such as waistcoats or leather jackets. Quite a lot of them were showing many visible tattoos, but as far as she could tell they all had the same one of a scorpion on the right side of their necks. As if it was some sort of gang mark. Almost confirming that they were part of a group was that they all wore fingerless gloves and had crosses drawn over their eyes with eye-liner. Around most of them were dogs. All breeds and sizes either lying next to them or trotting circles round their skipping feet.

Mika didn't notice the two girls from earlier come and sit down either side of her. "Hi!" The shorter one said excitedly. At this Mika jumped, she felt slightly imposed on by the two grinning girls, but not threatened. Their dark dress and eye-crosses did unnerve her a bit though. "Who... are you?" asked a nervous Mika. The girl beamed and said "I'm Frank!" she then pointed to the girl on Mika's right and said "she is also Frank. All of us are Frank." Before Mika had time to puzzle over this collective identity the taller girl asked "Who are you then?" Both girls were grinning and looking at her, as if her answer would be a great excitement to them. "I'm... Mika..." she stuttered. The shorter girl continued to sit and grin while the other girl gave a small squeal and asked "Can I call you Mikey? Then you'll sound all cute just like Gerry!"

Before Mika was given chance to answer the two girls began jabbering off to one another.
"Is Gerry called Gerald or Gerard? Because I always get the two names mixed up..."
"I love that funny jacket that he's always wearing..."
"When did we get Gerry? Was he found or rescued?"
"Didn't we have a Bob at one point? I don't think it was for too long..."
"What happened to him?"
"Nobody knows... did we ever have him anyway?"

The chatter of the two girls just faded out as Mika's focus was elsewhere. Two identical girls had just come through a door to the left of the room with a poodle. They weren't like the others in the room. They were both taller than the others, and very slim. It was obvious that they were female, although their current dress was rather masculine; black jeans, T-Shirt and leather jackets like a lot of the others. But what made them most noticeable were the black feather boas round their shoulders... and their hair. Deep brown, almost shoulder length and very, very curly. Their hairstyles resembled the fur of the dog at their feet. Walking in step they crossed the room in a few strides and sat down on an old sofa across from where Mika was sitting.

Nudging the girl on the left Mika asked "Who are they? Are they also known as Frank?" To which the other girl answered "No. They are Ray. They refuse to tell us their real names, and don't want to be Frank. So we decided to call them Ray because we liked that name for them."  Giving a little wave the shorter girl got up from the sofa and crossed to where a couple of other "Franks" were sat. She performed a slight skip, almost like a River-dance, which the others then got up and copied. They all skipped again only this time another girl added a jump. They did for a short while, adding a new move each time before settling with a routine and repeating it a few times over.

"We love dancing." Said the girl sat next to Mika. "Most of us are very energetic and happy a lot of the time, so when we all meet up we like to express this by dancing." Mika's interest had returned to the two strange girls with the poodle. They kept looking at each other and nodding, as if they were having a silent conversation. "I hope they dance with us tonight. They're such great dancers when the occasion is right. It's mesmerising." Crooned the Frank girl. More and more groups of people had started getting up, getting in little dancing groups and moving on to the central floor space. The dogs were following suit and began jumping around their masters.

A loud drum and guitar introduction started playing over the speakers inciting even more of them to dance. As the chaotic, high octane alternative rock song blasted out even longer pretty much all of them were up and moving. Skipping legs, flailing arms, in groups or in pairs. Dancing bodies twirled and the dogs all jumped and rolled too; as if adding a new part to their masters' improvised routines. Everything sped up as the explosive chorus kicked in, sending the whole room into spirals of mad dancers. Mika, not a part of this bizarre group could only stare and marvel at the masses dancing to this interesting and refreshing music.

The fast paced background song provided the perfect soundtrack to this scene of physical expression. Several people, moving as different parts of the mass and exploding into balls of energy. Mika sat there in the corner, amazed by the whole spectacle. It was like a whole carnival taking place in one room. She was the only one not moving, but she was too stunned by this display to even stand. Even the two Ray girls had got up and started to shuffle and move their arms in formations around their heads. As the song came to an abrupt end the dancing ended with it. Mika's trance remained unbroken, watching the room go from being so alive and full of motion one second to exhausted and stationary the next was intriguing in itself.

"Insane aren't they?" asked a male voice beside her. Transfixed by all the fabulous commotion she hadn't noticed him sitting there with her this whole time.

[So here Miss. Mika has finally met some of the others who are to become more significant to the progression of this little tale. As for the boy here, it seems that she isn't alone wherever she is. Another teenager caught up in strange circumstances, brought here to this peculiar cult hang out. Why are they here? Where are they? All this will be revealed... but not just now. For this scene is ending, but the setting will remain... just be ready for the revelations in the images and events presented here in words as through the lens.]
Here is the main part 3 of this story-epic. The MCR-based elements are beginning to come into it now.

I'd just like to say here that no characters in this are supposed to be members of MCR, or characters created by MCR. Various elements of characters in this story are inspired by aspects of MCR.

This is part 3, so here is part 2: [link]
A drawing of one of the sofas: [link]

To follow the whole story (tie-ins and illustrations too ) click here: [link]

The song described here is supposed to be this: [link]
I wante dto really emphasise the energy of this little "cult" and so I wanted a big dancing scene. The dance scene really came to me while listening to this song so I wanted to describe it to put in the scene.

(I asked around on a fan-forum to get some descriptions of it.)

For a description of the cult:[link]

For a bit of a tie-in from the boy mentioned: [link]

Part 4 : [link]
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